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Advanced Leadership

Group of people in Advanced Leadership training

As a strategic leader, you are responsible for business, team and personal development. Understand and enhance your impact through advanced leadership training and coaching. The return on this investment is greater capabilities and confidence in addressing challenges and achieving desirable outcomes.

Leadership essentials

My Advanced Leadership training begins with the essentials. It takes vision, decisive action and effective communication to nurture personal and team talent, fulfil customer expectations and future-proof the business. Irrespective of industry, experience or qualifications, every leader needs to master the essentials.

The programme follows a framework of modules, including:

  • Delegation & Time Management
  • Managing Conflict
  • Motivating Self & Others
  • Effective Virtual Meetings
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • DISC Team Management
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership


In preparation for the training, I will ask you to complete a leadership diagnostic profile. With this information, I tailor the programme, focusing on modules that will influence positive change. 

The programme can be delivered as a half or full-day interactive session, depending on needs. I offer performance coaching as an option to support the implementation of learning.  This reinforces leadership essentials and guides direction with encouragement and accountability. I can also recommend complementary frameworks that take into account the 12 Levers of Learning Effectiveness to enable lasting changes in the workplace.

“I have used Sue since moving to Transport for London, where she has successfully delivered a series of leaderships courses, with satisfaction ratings as high as 93%. As always, I am pleased with the tangible business results Sue gets.” 

EA, Assistant Training Manager, TfL

Who benefits from advanced leadership training?

As a senior manager, business owner or practice partner, you will benefit from further developing your leadership skills, qualities and mindset. This programme will ensure you are better equipped to manage employees, time and resources to optimise results.

Advanced leadership training can benefit those new in post, as well as leaders who wish to improve workload management, change management, team dynamics and workplace culture. It is time to expect more and achieve more.


“I gained valuable advice on delegation, tips on how to improve team performance and how to deal with confrontation and peace keeping.  Sue knows her stuff and her informal approach works well.”

ST Architects practice

“I learned some interesting strategies for dealing with difficult people and very useful training that can easily apply to any work situations…”

HB Local authority

“Whole course was excellent..enjoyed looking at teams and learning how to identify who can/will do what. Thank you Sue!”

JS, Local authority

“I have taken away some good tools to use in my job and improved my own knowledge.  Highly recommended.”

TG, Waste management

“I have known Sue since 2006 when she started delivered training at Sheppard Robson.  She delivered courses in both Leadership and Presentation Skills, using the Presentation Skills course to teach delegates how to pitch more successfully for increased sales.  I also used Sue since moving to Transport for London where she has successfully delivered a series of Leadership courses, with satisfaction ratings as high as 93%.  As always I am pleased with the tangible business results Sue gets!  In addition I have booked Sue to deliver some coaching sessions to improve workplace performance and am sure the results will be to her usual high standards.

Sue is a first rate Trainer and Coach, who is constantly looking for ways to improve her service, whether it is the style, content or tailoring of development sessions to meet client needs.  She has a warm, friendly and interactive style and I have no hesitation in recommending her if you want top quality interventions, value for money and real business results.”

EA, Assistant Training Manager, Transport Industry (2010)

“I have worked with Sue on many occasions throughout the years and have always found her to be very friendly, courteous and able to adapt her training programmes to more bespoke products to suit the architects and designers that I would send on her courses.  I will hire Sue and the services she can provide in a heartbeat and I highly recommend her.

Sue’s Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.”

RP, Training Manager, Architect Industry
Need help finding the right training and development solution?

Sue will discuss with you the challenges you face, current skill levels and what you are aiming to achieve with your learning. Perhaps you want to create your own bespoke “pick and mix” training programme or maybe a blended approach including face-to-face, virtual training, coaching or mentoring?  After a complementary consultation, Sue will recommend an innovative learning framework to help embed the learning and facilitate real changes in skills and behaviours for you and your team.

Use the options below to contact us and we will take it from there.