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Advanced Mindset & Effectiveness

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A growth mindset is a critical factor in personal and business success. It contributes to our ability to embrace opportunities and persevere through challenges. The right mindset influences our attitudes and performance, which impacts the attitude and performance of our team.

Developing a growth mindset

Reprogramming your thought process takes time, but I can teach you the strategies to challenge fixes beliefs, seek out the positives and approach life with a fresh perspective. Do not let yourself be defined by a lack of self-belief. Take back control and realise your career potential.

In advance of this training, I will ask you to complete a DISC diagnostic profile. This provides insight into behavioural styles and will indicate strengths, as well as areas for development. The diagnostic tool will inform the personalising of this training for individuals or teams.

I will deliver a mix of professional training techniques to explore mindset in relation to your specific goals, which could include:

  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Influencing Skills
  • Managing Stress and Well-Being
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Dealing with Difficult People

I can couple the training with team or 1 to 1 performance coaching to support the instilling of messages that reinforce the learning and the development of a positive mindset.

Who benefits from advanced mindset training?

If your default thought process is ‘what has gone wrong?’ or ‘what could go wrong?’, it is difficult to embrace opportunities, delegate or motivate others. My training and coaching can help you see things in a fresh light so you can lead yourself and others in new ventures.

Many business owners and senior managers are affected by imposter syndrome. It is common to believe that you will be ‘caught out’ for not having sufficient experience or specific qualifications. Mindset training will show you that attitude is what really drives success.

Empowerment for women leaders

I’m passionate about empowering more women to gain confidence to apply for and flourish in senior positions.  I offer a variety of ‘Women in Business Enablement’ programmes. Coaching and 1:1 mentoring can be added to further build resilience, confidence and achieve your career potential.

“My confidence and speaking skills completely changed after our sessions together – I now speak in front of people all the time and always refer back to the tools from our day together.”

JC, Marketing Dept, Education Sector

“Sue helped with a particularly challenging client, helping them to gain confidence and develop their presentation skills. The transformation Sue achieved left me stunned!  Not something I often do, but in this area I now defer to Sue on every occasion.  I value her opinion highly, her work ethic and quality are rarely found. If you’re looking for a business skills trainer/coach they don’t come much better!”

DS, Coaching Industry

“Fabulous ongoing and independent support – a real partner in my business success. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue’s services to anyone looking to improve themselves and their organisation”

SR, Marketing Partner
Need help finding the right training and development solution?

Sue will discuss with you the challenges you face, current skill levels and what you are aiming to achieve with your learning. Perhaps you want to create your own bespoke “pick and mix” training programme or maybe a blended approach including face-to-face, virtual training, coaching or mentoring?  After a complementary consultation, Sue will recommend an innovative learning framework to help embed the learning and facilitate real changes in skills and behaviours for you and your team.

Use the options below to contact us and we will take it from there.