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Transform your Courses into Bite-sized Resources

Transform your Courses into Bite-sized Resources 

As a trainer, you dedicate time and effort to research, plan and prepare your training sessions. Are you currently repurposing that content? If not, this article explores the benefits and options for giving your resources a fresh lease of life.

Why Repurpose Training Content?

As a fellow trainer, I fully understand the work that goes into preparing an effective training course. You need to draw on a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight to enlighten the audience. You also need to present the content using a variety of media; this is how we appeal to different learning styles and retain the audience’s attention.

As a half-day or full-day course, there is scope to deliver this as an in-person or virtual training, but not everyone likes to learn in this way. By repurposing your content, you open up the option of expanding your reach, making the content relevant to different audiences and generating revenue through alternative streams.

Feed the Appetite for Nano Learning

At the start of the year, my 5 Training Trends for 2023 article highlighted the growing desire for nano learning. That is the option of accessing and digesting information in bite-sized chunks.
Not everyone has time to sign up for a full day’s course, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in self-development or the insight that you can impart. They just want it in a different format.

You can make nano learning possible by:

Dividing the training course into stand-alone modules

This might include a series of pre-recorded presentations or videos, with accompanying workbook activities. The modules could be sold as a downloadable resource, with individuals picking which they are specifically interested in. Alternatively, it might be sold as subscription-based learning, with each module being released to paid subscribers every week.

Hosting webinars

Webinars provide a platform where information is shared and interactive discussion is encouraged. Typically 30 – 45 mins in duration, they enable participants to grasp the learning, ask questions, see demonstrations and participate. Webinars can also be recorded, so they can become on-demand content.

I’m currently updating my free Guide to Running Webinars, which will be available soon.

Hosting podcasts

Podcasts are a popular format for learning as they can be listened to whilst driving, commuting on the train or making dinner. This audio learning might include guest speakers or interviews with thought leaders or even the audio only content from your pre-recorded videos!

Creating insightful infographics

The quickest way to share a wealth of data and insight is by presenting it in a condensed and visually appealing format, namely an infographic. These are great for sharing in newsletters, on social channels and in publications. You might use them as a means of driving traffic to your website or promoting an upcoming course.

Creating video content

A specialist in video creation may be able to convert elements from your slide deck into a video format or create an animation to illustrate key learning points. According to data shared by Mowgli, 80% of people prefer video over written text. What’s more, 7Video reports that educational videos are one of the top trends in video marketing for 2023. Extracts from a video can be used on social channels or add the transcript to your video and use it as a blog!

These resources can be stored on your website. You might charge for downloading or provide some items for free in exchange for an email sign-up to build your mailing list.

Take your Training to New Audiences

With creative thinking, elements of your training course may be of relevance to a new audience. With a little refresh, it might be possible to tie your content into topical news or events. Keep an eye on trending keywords or forum discussions and share links to relevant resources in your website library.

Provide Something for Everyone

A dedicated day of training is still appealing to many learners, however, by repurposing your content, you can extend your reach. Training modules, webinars and infographics are just three of the options that make learning more accessible, flexible and convenient. They enable individuals to learn on their terms and in a style which they find easier to understand and retain.

Repurposing your content can also offer you different revenue streams, a resource for promoting upcoming events and a means of marketing your expertise. Why not give it a go?

How can I help you?

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